Softstow Public Privacy Policy

This privacy policy was last updated on: January 27 , 2023

This Privacy Policy applies to all Softstow websites (both mobile and browser based). This includes all information gathered from this websites, and services owned and operated by Softstow, including information provided to Softstow in the course of exercising your privacy rights or submitting a privacy related request.

Prior to using or operating Softstow services, or the submission of a privacy related request, please review the following policy to ensure you are informed of your rights, our policies and standards, and relevant regulations that govern your privacy operations.

Softstow's Commitment to Data Privacy

Your privacy rights and the confidentiality of your data are of utmost importance to Softstow. No matter where you live, Softstow treats any information it regards as "personal data" with the utmost care. Any information that can directly or fairly be used to identify you, such as your name or address, is handled with the highest care and security.

The handling of your personal data by Softstow or its affiliates is described in this privacy notice. This includes any interactions you have in any capacity with our staff, products, physical shops, or internet.

It is significant to note that this notice does not cover any affiliates or third parties or the possible uses of your personal information by them. Please study the privacy policies or notifications offered by each specific third party to learn more about how they manage your data.

What is Personal Data?

Softstow gathers data and/or personal information during the course of business operations, including your name, other contact information, shipping information, and billing information. When these data types are made available to Softstow through the use of our services, we collect them. This includes interacting with our websites, making a purchase using a variety of channels, or subscribing to our mailing lists. In some cases, Softstow may combine the data you submit with other data that has been given to us by outside services and sources.

Your Privacy Rights and Choices with Softstow

You have a right to know what information Softstow has about you at any moment since we at Softstow believe in the transparency of our data gathering and processing processes.

    You have the right to change or update any Personal Information that Softstow has gathered about you at any time. Because Softstow respects your right to privacy, we give all of our users the ability to request information about, get access to, update, transfer, restrict the processing of, and delete their personal information. For contact information to exercise the aforementioned rights, please see the section of this policy titled "Contact us about data privacy at Softstow."

    You also have the option to stop all communication with Softstow if you so choose. You can ask to be taken off our lists, have your Personal Information deleted from our systems, stop receiving emails from us, and have data about your physical location and cookie and beacon usage removed from our databases and systems at any time. Because you decided to exercise your right to privacy, you won't face any unfair treatment.

    Following is how our verification procedure operates:

    We will authenticate your identity when you contact us to exercise your right to access, amend, or delete your personal information by asking you for information from your most recent order or (unless the subject of the request to correct is your name or address, in which case we will work with you to find another means of verifying your identity). Then, in order to confirm your request, we will contact you by phone or email and ask you to confirm the action(s) that will be done. If you submit a request to rectify, we can ask you for proof that the information we have is wrong. Only for the purposes of updating your personal information and fulfilling any legal record-keeping requirements, the business shall use and/or maintain this information.

    A genuine consumer request may be made up to twice for free within a calendar year. Unfortunately, if we are unable to validate your identity, establish that you have the right to make the request, and confirm that the personal information in question corresponds to you, we will be unable to respond to your request or supply you with personal information. You don't need to register with us in order to submit a genuine consumer request. We will only utilize the personal data supplied in a valid consumer request to confirm the identity or legitimacy of the requestor.

      Within 15 days of receiving a verified consumer request, we make an effort to react. If we need extra time, we'll let you know why and how long the extension will last (up to 30 days). We will send our response to the email linked to your account if you have one with us. If you don't have an account with us, you can choose whether to receive our reply by mail or online. Unless we receive a particular request for information collected, any disclosures we provide will only include the two months prior to receipt. In the event that we are unable to fulfill a request, we will explain why in the response we give.

        Any time a consumer right is denied, you have the right to appeal. Within 15 days of receiving the denial decision, you must respond to the email with the privacy decision, send an email to, or give us a call at 1-(347)-292-9202 in order to appeal the decision. Include a justification for reversing the denial of your privacy request. Please let Ann's Retail up to 15 days to consider your appeal and respond.

          How Softstow Protects Your Personal Data

          To protect your personal information against misuse, unauthorized use, disclosure, modification, or loss, Softstow takes reasonable and appropriate operational, physical, and electronic safeguards. All applicable Softstow systems use PCI compliant payment processor systems for all transactions, and all relevant Softstow systems adhere to industry-standard encryption and security requirements. Please get in touch with us if you have any further inquiries about the protection of your personal data at Softstow.

          Cookies, Beacons, and Other Technologies

          Your information may be collected by Softstow's websites, services, applications, or adverts as part of routine business operations using cookies and beacons. Cookies and beacons help Softstow maintain a safe and secure user experience while also giving us details about the websites or pages you have visited, how you interact with Softstow websites and environments, and how effective our advertising campaigns and search engine optimization techniques are working for you. Cookies are used by Softstow to enable persistent interactions on our websites. For instance, we might use cookies to offer product recommendations that are more relevant to you or to maintain your shopping basket when you navigate between pages on our website.

          Because Softstow places a high priority on data privacy and security, our team will analyze your query and reply in a way that satisfies your interests as well as our legal and contractual obligations. Softstow promises to answer to all questions within 15 business days, however occasionally we might need more time to fully address your request. In these situations, we will inform you of any delays and ask for any more information that might be required to fulfill your request.A new version of the policy will be posted online if Softstow decides to change it at any point in the future. Softstow may contact you at the email address you supplied if the contents of the Privacy Policy update are significant. We will also post a notice of the update on our website.